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Gold. Gorgeous, glittering gold in any form has held an irresistible, almost mystical allure for humans since ancient times. Golden horses, glittering and gorgeous in their own right, appear and reappear in art and life throughout human history. Beautiful horses with golden coats have always had great value. When Spanish Conquistadores came to the New World in search of El Dorado, the City of Gold, Queen Isabella sent along six of her golden-coated Dorado horses: a stallion and five mares, that their rare color and unusual beauty might be perpetuated in the New World. That precious blood persists in fine golden horses, now called Palominos, the world over.

Suzanne and Perry Perkins have created an El Dorado of their own. Both have been passionate Arabian horse aficionados for more than 40 years. "Suzanne has always been passionate about horses," her husband offers. "When she was five years old and living in Louisiana, the next-door neighbor called Suzanne’s mother. ‘Suzanne has borrowed our pony again!’ the neighbor complained. It seems that wasn’t the first time she had made off with the pony. Suzanne has never been able to stay away from the horses."


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Small Breeders Delivering Big Time Results with Three National Championships in Halter

Their devotion has evolved into a very special breeding program. Perkins Palomino Store is perpetuating and preserving the prized, golden coat color and timeless beauty that have captured man’s imagination for centuries. Year after year, Perkins Palomino Store’s small, select band of broodmares produce Palomino Half-Arabians that compete and win at the highest level, winning national championships, often unanimously, time after time.

What makes their success even more remarkable is that they purposely breed for only one or two foals each year. The laws of supply and demand, coupled with an uncommonly high percentage of successes, make the numbers truly breathtaking. Consistency and excellence, their trademarks, are reflected in their horses’ enviable show ring victories. Perkins Palomino Store’s cremello, or cream-colored, American Saddlebred mare, PF Just Peachy Keen, has contributed to that consistency in no small way.


Suzanne at 14 years old in Alexandria, Louisiana, with the her two horses,
Blaze and Sir.

"'Peaches', as we call her, has turned out to be a genetic giant," says Perry Perkins. "She is the only horse I have ever bought, sight unseen. I had seen and been impressed with her champion purebred Saddlebred son, Xtreme to the Max, so I was comfortable in buying her. I got the vet on the 'phone, went to the bank and got a cashier’s check, and sent it overnight to the sellers." His decision was sound. Her progeny, all sired by national champion stallions, are continually upping the standards in the Half-Arabians world.

Suzanne and Perry Perkins are no strangers in the world of fine horses. Their human pedigrees are as sound as those of the horses they breed! Suzanne has been a USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) and Arabian Horse Association-recognized judge since the late 1980s, and also holds judges’ cards in the Morgan, Friesian, Miniature Horse and western divisions. She has judged numerous national championship competitions for all of those breeds in North America and internationally (Brazil and Australia.) It seems she has followed a family tradition.

"My grandfather, Walter Baker, was one of the American Horse Shows Association’s (now USEF) first recognized judges, beginning after World War I, and into the 1920s," she explains. Suzanne, who hails from Lexington, Kentucky began her equine journey with American Saddlebreds.

A real estate professional today, Suzanne Perkins was named the Number One Realtor in the US in 2008, and has been ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 100 real estate agents in the US for the past 10 years.

Photo of Walter Baker

Walter Baker (uncle to Suzanne) picture of him Judging in 1918 in Lexington, Kentucky (one of the first American Horse Show Association Judges)

Perry Perkins is the nephew of Dr. Bert and Ruth Husband, breeders and lifetime owners of the stallion Khemosabi (Amerigo x Jurneeka, by Fadjur). "Khemo", as he was called by his many fans, was a multiple US and Canadian national champion in halter and performance, and a beloved sire. Khemosabi’s prize-winning children and grandchildren have passed on his distinctive beauty, character and Arabian excellence.

Perry’s mother was Dr. Husband’s sister; it’s no surprise that young Perkins grew up loving Arabian horses, and idolizing his uncle. "Uncle Bert was my lifelong role model. He had a saying: ‘The laws of genetics have never been repealed.’ I have always used his advice as a yardstick to measure the breeding choices I make. I want to see five generations before I make an informed decision. Equine genetics is a roll of the dice anytime, but the more knowledge of the horses in the pedigree you have, the better likelihood you have of getting what you want. You can increase the odds in your favor.

"Khemosabi was my all-time favorite Arabian," he confesses. "I bought his daughter, Khara Mia (x Carinosa, by *Serafix) from Uncle Bert and Aunt Ruth as a 2-year-old, in 1973. When I bred her to *Bask three years later, she produced Baskhemo, a winning western pleasure horse who became a world class sire." The grand bay stallion belonged to Perkins throughout his life.

"In 1976, I also bred another mare I had bought two years earlier, Sey Cherie, to *Bask. That breeding produced The Chief Justice, a winner of multiple US and Canadian National Top 10 titles in halter and performance." Like Baskhemo, The Chief Justice became a sire of national champions.

The chances of Suzanne and Perry’s coming together can only be described as providential. "My father was pastor of a Protestant church near Winnipeg, Manitoba," Perry begins. "Ironically – amazingly, really - Suzanne’s aunt and uncle were members of Dad’s church! I have an old photograph of my dad, standing between them." He shakes his head.

Friends over forty years Bob and Dixie North

Friends over forty years Bob and Dixie North

"She met Bob and Dixie North in the 1970s, just after they bought their first Arabian, and they became fast friends. Like many little girls of that era, Suzanne and Dixie fell in love with Roy Rogers’ horse, Trigger, who was a beautiful Palomino. Both girls secretly wished that someday, they would have a beautiful Palomino of their own. They laugh about it now, but that childhood dream has never gone away. Suzanne’s first Arabian was WA Silver Lace, a grey Real McCoy daughter she bought in 1974 – but in her heart, she still wanted a Palomino.

"We bought a 2-time reserve national champion Palomino Half-Arabian mare, and bred her to Magnum Psyche twice," Perry continues. "Neither of those babies was refined and high quality enough to suit either of us. Why? Probably because the mare’s Palomino coat color had come from her less refined Quarter Horse blood. We learned our lesson. In horse breeding as in anything else, you only get one chance to make a first impression. That’s why we have continued to breed our mares only to top national champion stallions.

"‘Peaches’ is a homozygous blue-eyed cream, or cremello," Perkins explains, allowing that equine genetics still fascinates him. "The cream gene is an incomplete dominant allele. Peaches has two copies of the cream allele: one from each parent. This allows her to produce the strongest color dilution. When bred to a chestnut, she produces Palomino, the most familiar cream-based coat color, 80 per cent of the time. The classic Palomino color is that of a newly-minted gold coin, with cream or white mane and tail; there are many variations.

Photo: Suzanne and Perry at US Nationals in 2009

Perry and Suzanne at the 2009 US National when Dream A Lil Dream+++/ went US National Top Ten in H/A Western Pleasure - Open

"She a level croup, a long, shapely, high-set neck, a refined head and face, and large eye. Those qualities, combined with the Arabian’s elegance, refined head, neck and throatlatch, have produced exceptional foals – with a single exception: one filly that isn’t as pretty as her siblings – but she can really trot!

"I showed JB Hometown Hottie (Baske Afire x Petite Sweet ASB) myself, to 2013 US National Champion Half-Arabian Mare, 7 and Older AAOTR. I was 75!" he says proudly. "JB (for Joe Betten, her breeder) Hometown Hottie has won 13 US and Canadian national championships and two reserves. She soon will debut in Half-Arabian hunter pleasure with Cynthia Burkman.

"JB Hometown Hottie’s 2015 filly, Uptown Hottie FF, will be exceptional, but because she was a July baby, we’ll wait until she’s a little older to show her. Peaches has had two foals a year several times. Her buckskin colt, Belmont, was born June 7, 2015: the night American Pharoah won the Triple Crown."

"Three Times A Lady FF, a Palomino, is Peaches’ 2013 Aria Impresario filly," explains Suzanne. "She already has two US National Reserve Championships and two Regional Championships to her credit.

"I Believe FF (by DA Valentino), Peaches’ June 2011 foal, is also having an impressive show career. In 2012 she was US National Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Yearling Filly and Region 7 Champion Breeders’ Sweepstakes Yearling Filly; 2013 saw her chosen Scottsdale Reserve Junior Champion, and 2013 Region 7 Champion 2-Year-Old Half-Arabian Filly, AOTH. The following year, I Believe FF was named Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian Filly and US National Reserve Champion 3-Year-Old Filly. Last year she was Arabian Horse Times Readers’ Choice Half-Arabian Mare Halter Horse of the Year.

"I Believe FF’s 2015 bay Aria Impresario filly, Auria FF, is also unshown. With Uptown Hottie FF and Belmont FF, we have three unshown 2015 foals, and three unshown 2014 foals.

with Mary Anne Morrison

with Mary Anne Morrison

"We sold two horses last year, both by Magnum Psyche. Hot Stuff FF (for Fantasy Farm) is a 2009 chestnut filly (x Gold Galore, by Legacy of Gold) who was sold to Larry and Sue Lease in January 2015. Hot Stuff FF was 2012 US National Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Futurity Filly for us; she went on to win the 2015 Youth National Champion Half-Arabian Hunter Pleasure, JTR 13 and Under for her new owners."

"Count Me In FF is Peaches’ 2011 palomino filly by Magnum Psyche," Perry continues. "This mare did a lot of winning in halter and western pleasure, junior horse, and she was 2015 Scottsdale Champion Western Pleasure AOTR - unanimously – defeating a six-time national champion! Count Me In was 2015 US Top 10 Half-Arabian Western Pleasure Horse, AAOTR 19-35; and US Top 10 Half-Arabian Ladies Side-Saddle, Western, all for Jessie Szymanski-Hoag, her new owner. Cynthia Burkman sold the mare for us.

"And finally, Da Vinci’s Ebony GA, a black filly we purchased from Sally Bedeker, was 2015 US National Champion Half-Arabian Yearling Filly. We saw her at the US Nationals and fell in love with her. When we found out she was going to be available, we bought her."

Suzanne and Perry Perkins were honored as 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards

Leading Half-Arabian Owners at US Nationals. "And we were thrilled to be named fourth-ranked Leading Half-Arabian Owners at US Nationals this year," said a smiling Suzanne when the standings were announced.

There’s a whole lot of smiling going on at Perkins Palomino Store. Breeding, showing and selling national champion Palomino Half-Arabians to families and individuals who go on to enjoy and succeed with them, thereby fulfilling their own dreams and aspirations, is a joyful undertaking for everyone concerned. Golden horses equal golden opportunities? Absolutely!

Come see for yourself.

Our horses are powered by National Champion pedigrees!